A few weeks ago, I was listening to the radio at my work. I heard something about calling to win tickets to see something. I did not hear specifics, as there were other conversations going on around me. I simply said, I am going to call and win. So I called, and was told I was caller number 2. I was then quickly hung up on. So, I put the phone down, hit redial, and heard “Hi! Who’s this?” I told them my name and was asked if I wanted to go see the Nutcracker at the Weinburg Center. I of course said yes. Duh, I called in! Duh, I was obviously being recorded. I then gave them my information after they put my on hold and continued with what ever they had to say to listeners after my “winning” conversation, before getting my information. I then gave them my information, was told I won 4 tickets that would be at Willcall for the day of my choice. I was excited! I won! I mean, yeah, it was tickets to a show, but, I won something. So. Yeah.

I excitedly told my husband that I won tickets to see the show at the local “art theater” and he decided to take off work to go with me. This, my friends, was something he did thinking he was going to see a play or something. He had NO idea that the Nutcracker was actually a ballet. He found out the hard way: His coworkers somewhat ragging on him for taking off work to go to a ballet. He was completely blindsided by this news. It was too late for him to change his mind because he had already told me he took off so he could go with me. There was no turning back from that. (Not if he wanted to ever sleep in our bed again.) You can not tell your wife you took off work to go to something with her only to change your mind after you find out what you actually took off for. This, I feel, will teach him to actually look into what he is getting himself into. Plus, who doesn’t know that the Nutcracker is a ballet?

We went with my friend Alena and her husband. I believe he also was unaware of what he was getting himself into. So to be fair, we agreed to drinks afterwards. They sat through the show, (with out laughing) while Alena and I wondered how the heck the guy in tights happened to actually get into his tights. It was more like someone painted his lower half of his body with paint. White paint. There was nothing left to the imagination. Not a thing. Except maybe how many people would need therapy after seeing the show. Especially the children. I am so happy my kids were not there. That would be a conversation I would not want to have with my kids. I was fairly certain proceeds went to a special fund for children who were directly or indirectly affected by this viewing. Then again…it was a ballet. So. I guess maybe I don’t watch enough to know what is considered too tight. He had muscles that I was not even aware were in a persons legs!

It was a great night. We went and had crab dip, drinks, pizza, and then more drinks, and it ended with Alena and I slow dancing together because neither one of our husbands would dance with us. I was surprised they were concerned about dancing in front of people when they had just witnessed far worse, or maybe they didn’t feel as if they could even slow dance adequately after seeing the man in white. This is a sight that I will admit is haunting me still. Not in a good way either.



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