Being sick sucks.

So recently I have not been feeling well. I’ve been feeling really crappy. And I am now starting my second dose of antibiotics even though I don’t think I need them. Doctors tend to try and push medicines in your throat to get you out of their office.

To be fair I made the appointment and went to their office, so I don’t know what I was expecting them to do,  but I feel like I should be feeling better by now. And I’m not, so I’m on my second round. They prescribed me a refill to the first antibiotic, so I question whether or not they think the first round was even needed and/or would work.

Not feeling well has put me in a really crappy situation. This is not the week to not feel well. This is the worst week to not feel well. I have so much going on this week with work, younique , and a vendor event .  No one wants a snotty and germy person around,  and frankly I don’t want to be around people. That’s the thing about being sick, you don’t want to be around people and people really don’t want you to be around them,cl unless they are your employer, then they want you around regardless of what’s going on because they have a show to run. 

I have this theory that if people would stay home when they’re not feeling well and genuinely sick, then we would not spread all the times that we share with other people. I’m all for sharing, except for when it comes to germ and diseases and viruses. Although I’m not sure you can share diseases. That’s not true, you totally can. And I’m totally against that.

The moral of the story and this post is, stay home unless you absolutely have to leave the house. And if you have to leave the house wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer, and just stay away from people. Problem solved. Now go get your vaccinations. Or don’t. I’m against those somewhat. But that is a whole different post.

                       xoxo- Amber

ps. This post was brought to you by NyQuil and talk to text. All strange things said and grammatical errors are not my fault.



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