About a girl who took a chance on friendship…

I recently went to a treatment center to deal with some issues that arose and some diagnoses that were affected due to issues. This post is not about those things, I’ll save those issues for another post.

When I went to the treatment center I decided I would let some friends and family know where I was going. I left new friends and some old friends and some of my family know where I was going specifically, the address and gave them a little bit of a reason why I was going. I asked them to write if they could, because I didn’t know how long I would be gone for.

Weeks before this happened, I had met this awesome girl at a Younique dinner I had attended. She had recently became a presenter, like I am, and we had a group dinner and she was there with her cousin. I included her in the message on Facebook, explaining where I was going and somewhat  why I was going and the address and that I would love to receive letters and I would write back. Considering this girl was someone that I met one time and one time only and I didn’t talk to her much because there was a lot of talking going on in general between others, and we weren’t really sitting in a position that we could talk, when we did talk, it was not so much a get to know you things, but Younique related.

While at the center I received mail and I received a letter  from this one person that I had met once and barely spoke to. I did not receive mail from others in the group,  although I did receive mail from one good friend and also some great ladies from my Bible study, plus my awesome sister in law. My husband also sent me a letter, but he doesn’t count because I feel like that should be a given, although I totally totally appreciated his letter.

Writing letters is very old school, and I feel like no one does it anymore. It’s,  like, weird. But here is this amazing girl who met me once, who decided to send me a letter. She also included a self addressed stamped envelope and paper for me to return her letter on. And she didn’t just write a “Hey, how are you? Hope things are well, and you’re   not completely insane  and going to stalk me since I wrote and you now have my address. Get better soon.” No,  She wrote to me and she wanted to know more about me, and not just about my diagnosis but about me!  What I like to do, what I enjoy, what type of books I enjoyed. She seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me as a person and not so much interested in what was wrong with me or why I was where I was. This just blew my mind because I didn’t receive letters from others in the group who knew more about my situation, but I did her. And I’m not knocking the people who did not write to me, because there could have been many reasons why they did not. But what I am saying is, this person took their time to write to me and to ask about me as a person. This does not happen often, so when this happens you know that you have someone in your life now that is awesome and amazing and you want them there. So I wrote back, late, because I was super busy at this place and going through a lot and didn’t have much time. But I did write back and I sent it back to her and she wrote back. By the time she wrote back I was already on my way “out” so it was forwarded to me. But the fact that she took the time to write me a letter, someone that she did not know and someone that she could have cared less about possibly but decided to care about was amazing and actually made my heart smile and made me feel loved and I only knew her name to be honest. I knew that she didn’t live close to me. I knew that she joined Younique.

In her letter she included her story, about her son and her step daughter and her marriage and things that she liked to do and it was like we were pen pals because this girl lived far away and I had met her once and she wanted to know about me. Like I said this does not happen very often in your life so when it does you write back and you tell the person what they want to know because you want to know more about this person for even taking the time and effort to get to know you.

It’s amazing and awesome. I could not be more blessed than I am now. I could have been some  fireball drinking- passenger side singing- let’s go traumatize our eyes at the ballet crazy girl! Wait, I am. Well. anyways, bad singing and all, this girl is still my friend…and our story is just starting.



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