4 Times

4 Times is how many times I have listened to Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson.  I do not usually read or listen to a book more than once to be honest,  but I find myself going back to this book. 4 Times in fact. This book is hilarious.  I feel like if I knew her in real life, we would be good friends.

The book is ridiculously odd and strange at some parts, and that is what makes me go back to it. I laugh out loud and sometimes find myself realizing that I can relate to how she feels. I do not share the same love or obsession for taxidermy,  but I would not be opposed to having a smiling racoon  (taxidermied) in ny house. That would create a lot of interesting conversations to say the least. 

I also relate to her battle with anxiety, depression, sleep issues (probably not the same sleep issues, but still) and interesting thoughts. I find her writings about her time at her therapists office both funny and sometimes I find myself saying “Oh my goodness, me too!” (not about squirrels though) Then my husband looks at me strangely and I take my headphones out and play him the part I am listening to. This usually ends with an even stranger look and I tell him hes the weird one for not finding it funny. He probably then questions my sanity…even more than usual. 

When I hear her funny stories about things she does to or with her cats, I find myself remembering the times I would dress my cats up, feed them from a bottle, and occasionally put them in a pet carrier with a rope tied to it and use it as an elevator for them to get on and off the porch. (Ask my mom if you don’t believe me. I was full of imagination.) (also, no cats were harmed physically during this…) I am pretty sure they liked my makeshift elevator. Although, my mom and sister probably disagree. But really, what do they know about cats and their love of makeshift elevators.

If this post has not convinced you to go buy Furiously Happy, then you are definately going to miss out on a good laugh, and also understanding how courageous it is for someone to make something good out of something “bad” like depression. 

xoxo – Amber


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