And Then She Followed Me…

So I followed My newest favorite books author, Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess , on twitter. I also let her know that I have read her book Furiously Happy 4 times now (read previous post), like you let all celebrities know…But THEN SHE FOLLOWED ME BACK! AND SHE LIKED MY POST.   *Funny yay dance here* I was super excited! I had to let everyone know, because this doesn’t happen to me often…or ever… and, well, I felt so lucky that someone I thought was normal, and had similar issues as I do, (plus some different) was down to earth enough to follow me! To even acknowledge me! And to me, that is awesome. She is no Taylor Swift, or some other super famous actress, but she is still JUST as awesome in my book.

So while I work on my next post, go buy her book, preferably on audible, because she narrates it herself, but buy it, read it, and then follow her on all the social media sites. She is like the best friend that doesn’t judge you. (You can never have too many) Not to mention, she has a lot of run ins with opossums, although that is not really necessarily something that may come in handy if you don’t normally have much contact with opossums, but it does guarantee a laugh or a good story when you need it most! Even if you just read it online, or hear it in a book.




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