The Massage That Never Happened

Remember that massage I was going to go get the other day? The one to De-stress me? IT NEVER HAPPENED! They canceled on me, last minute. That was the story of my day. Everything that could go wrong with certain things, did go wrong.  I guess not everything. But. Still.

My therapist did accept my gift, and by accept, I mean I left it in his office and refused to take it with me, because ethically he cant accept gifts. So I think there is this lost and found  and keep mentality there. I am not sure. One day he had a wrapped gift on his desk, the following week he had all his ducks in a row. LITERALLY. Someone bought him random ducks, and he lined those quackers up. I couldn’t focus, because I cant keep anything in a row, let alone my ducks, so he did kindly move them around for me during that session so I could focus and not complain that I sat in an office where there were LITERAL (toy) DUCKS IN A ROW.

So, I am moving on from that day. I am focusing on the New Year. We are having friends over…one may or may not be the other blogger on this site. We possibly may go out, or stay in. I feel like even though we are not old, we have somewhat boring lives. Im not 30 yet. So therefor, I should be going out and doing crazy things. Except, I would prefer to stay in and eat pizza, and drink cheap champagne and probably fall asleep before the ball even dropped.

Speaking of the ball drop. Is it just me, or does it seem like that ball takes almost a year to drop now that we are older. LONGEST BALL DROP EVER. I am getting old.

On an unrelated note, here are pictures of some cool things you should look at:

This was something in CVS. IT IS REAL PEOPLE. And it is pretty much for what you expect it to be for….minus the goat. 20161228_130404.jpg

img_19651.pngThis is possibly the worst IDEA EVER! I tried this, and I ended up having to drag my child into the house because he was totally going to jump into the fire to save AN EMPTY BOX! DON’T DO THIS. Maybe I suck as a parent, IDK. But I think a sucky parent would do this, after reading my results. I think next year instead of throwing it in a fire, I will just “donate it” to some place for a child who listens. Plus, I hate wrapping real gifts, so Why did I even bother to wrap a fake one?!

I am going to go watch Netflix and relax. I cant wait to tell everyone about my New Years Even. What do you all do for your new years eve?


xoxo- Amber


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