Happy New Years!


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017! I rang in my New Year with my favorite dance partner, her husband, and my husband, We started out going to the American Legion for dinner. We are not rich people, so to go for a steak, baked potato, salad, and veggies for $12.00 was a pretty good start of the night. My husband then decided “Hey I hear about this place called the Furnace, we should go, they have a DJ” So my first thought was, The Furnice? This also is next to the zoo. So we get in the car after dinner and head to the zoo…I mean, the Furnace. When we walked in, everybody stared at us like we were, well, in a zoo. And we were the interesting animals from some exotic place. Alena and I had to pee so we made a b-line for the womans bathroom. This was a little comical, because when we got int here, it was just for ONE person. So we figured people would stare even more awkwardly when we left the bathroom. I am pretty sure at first we both wanted to hide in the bathroom. I wanted to do a Blair Witch type Facebook live from the bathroom, but then we thought that maybe we already were in there too long and someone else might have to use it. Aaaand they did. Apparently as soon as we went in someone went and was waiting by the door. This was just one of many trips to the bathroom of the night.

Alena does not feel comfortable dancing. So what does one do when no one will dance with you, (Although NO ONE is really dancing anyways) ?  Walk up to a girl who looks your age, and ask her to dance. YAY for that liquid confidence! After realizing dancing with a strange girl is actually really similar to a really awkward date…It ended quick with promises of future dancing. Well, as Alena has once told me, she would always dance with me so she decided to.

Let me explain one thing for those of you who don’t know me. I LOVE to dance. This does not mean I can dance, but in my head I am an awesome dancer. I am pretty sure everyone was staring at me because of how awesome I was (nothing to do with my crappy dance moves due to a swollen knee I tried to pretend wasn’t killing me). Because at one point before Alena dance with me and before I drug the girl I didn’t know out onto the dance floor, I was dancing alone. Yes. This is something I do often when I hear music and am nervous and anxious and such. This is my way of hiding under the table like some people do. This is my version of trying to blend in. Although I want to blend in, my brain (with the help of rum) decides that it is waaaay less awkward to make a fool out of yourself in front of strangers than it is to blend in. I am not a chameleon. I am more like a butterfly. One with strange moves and no coordination.

Anyway, while dancing with Alena, I punched her. Now normally this would not be something I do. But like I said, I am a very uncoordinated butterfly. And to be honest, it wasnt a punch as much as it was a poke. No blacks eyes though! SO YAY. Most people just want someone who doesn’t have 2 left feet…Alena probably wants someone who isn’t going to hit her int he face…Apparently our husbands found it funny.

We entered the new year without seeing Mariah Carey’s performance (or lack there of), and with out glitter (except for what I was wearing), with out light up tacky glasses, or shot glass necklaces, but we entered it having fun, and not caring what anyone else thought. To me, that is a great start to a New Year.

Here are some wishful thinking new years resolutions:


xoxo – Amber


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